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Our object is to offer the best assortment of furniture and ideal service to clients. We offer the delivery of furniture in the shortest possible time, the qualitative assembling, and the lowest prices. The sale and delivery of furniture are performed in the greatest possible time which is convenient for a client.

We venture to enquire if You have reached a decision, and whether You require full information about our product. Our campaign is able to face the competition of the big firms with international connections.

Our approach is that which ensures the comfort in the office. Operative furniture for the staff is not simply a computer table and chair. Modern operative furniture should be convenient and ergonomic work stations, they are a functional table, a capacious side-table (an attached side-table and a pull-out side-table) as well as a business bookcase. We think You would do better to handle such items of our patterns as an operative arm-chair, a chair for the client, and a luxurious leather arm-chair for the manager. There is a steady demand for high-class goods of this type. You will appreciate metallic furniture, a safe as well as shelves – it is difficult to imagine the office without them. We are willing to make an all-out effort to establish our new lines on the market like accessories – a hall-stand or a rack as well as a mirror – which are of a great variety in execution and price. You may be able to place regular orders with our Internet shop which offers dining and soft furniture. The computer project of interior created by our designers will furnish insights into rearranging Your office.

We are keen, of course, to meet Your wishes and to supply you with furniture which provide You a compromise reached between the variety of styles and the comfort.

The company has gained a great expertise with large projects and reputable customers. Our specialists realized the complex of works (sale, delivery, assembling, and the following maintenance work) on the arrangement of offices for the largest oil companies, banks as well as industrial companies, and apartments of the largest hotels, sanitary complexes as well as entertaining centers.

The company is noted for its excellently adjusted service system which includes the delivery of goods to the most remote corners of Russia. We give Your orders our immediate attention.

We do not divide our clients into large and small ones. We work with both with identical pleasure. We look forward to serving You and are delighted to hear that You are satisfied with the goods we have supplied. Do you want to equip the office on a turnkey basis? Welcome! Is it required for “an office telephone stand with beech partition”? We will be glad to help You!


Tel/Fax: (985) 210 76 45
Adress: 220033, Moscow, 1th Frezernaya st. 2/1, Bilding 10
E-mail: office@abcmebel.com


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Телефон/факс: (985) 210 76 45
220033 г. Москва, ул. 1-я Фрезерная, д. 2/1, стр. 10