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The possibilities of our company are not limited to the catalogue placed on our site. The experience of equipment of offices of large companies turnkey and permanent maintenance of corporate customers allows us confidently and professionally to decide any tasks, related to organization of office apartments.

For permanent and new corporate customers we offer the series of services witch considerable simplify the process of buying of office furniture and help to economize time and money:


A manager will come to your office with electronic and paper catalogues; will help with the choice of series, colors, and accessories. Experienced designer will make computer disposition of furniture in your apartment, and you will be able to see how it will look in the prepare hind; to make change in good time.


You always can be sure in reliability, goodwill, honesty and high quality of work of our specialists.


Storage of prepare products in Moscow with the large supply of corps furniture and the developed system of logistic allow to guarantee the execution of your order in shortest period of time.

03Delivery without pre-pay

We are in a position of supplying to furniture without pre-pay. Payment in fact of delivery and assembling.

05Individual approaches

The personal manager, who will work with you, will help to choose correctly office furniture. But its not all of his functions. The personal manager remembers all of subtleties of delivery his function, and when your office broads again, he will be ready to suggest you maximally ways of effective use of working space. He doesnt need to enplane again that we have a column over there and nothing goes in there. The personal manager is almost your partner. Its very comfortable to have personal manager/

06Non-standard furniture

Working with corporate clients we time run into non standard tasks: someone need unusual bookshelf for a general directors office, someone wants for a brief-case. Production of non standard furniture for concrete needs is a standard task for us. Just explain what do you need -making usually takes 5 working days.

07All king of furniture

Certainly, if you didnt meet some position in our catalogue, we are always ready to find it for you and bring it to you for profitable price.

08Electronic order its comfortable!

Our permanent clients get use to the system of electronic orders: they write a letter by e-mail in witch they show article, amount and term of delivery. Thats all! In indicated time the machine wish furniture is driven up to the office. In such cases accounts can be proposed quarterly on the sum of deliveries.

09Free delivery and assembling.

Does it seem it go without saying? Thats right!
Quite often there is a question about noise at assembling. In this case delivery and assembling of furniture is made by a weekend in a night time. In the next morning all garbage and packing is taken out and then its possible to work!

10Guarantee service*

Quite necessary function! Hidden defect can appear after half a year- just call us in such case and free change the commodity.
*on condition of assembling of furniture of our specialists


Are you not in Moscow? Call us! We have an experience of supplying with large parties of furniture to the remote ports of our country. Delivery of commodity in the regions of Russia by any type of transport.


Help of personnel from the side of customer implies different individual bonuses.



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Adress: 220033, Moscow, 1th Frezernaya st. 2/1, Bilding 10
E-mail: office@abcmebel.com



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